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Expressing Your Ideas To The World
Expressing Your Ideas To the World
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About Us

Peter Sampson - Co-Founder, Product Supervisor
Peter Sampson started Musix Web Design in 1996 as just a hobby of putting together basic web pages for himself and friends. After completing a few pages, his work began to be recognized by others and found himself writing web pages as a means of income outside being a full-time college student. Since then Musix Web Design has found rave reviews and a wide variety of clients. In addition to Musix, Mr. Sampson holds a B.S. in Music Education and is currently the Head Band Director at Eastern High School - Greentown, Indiana.

Nathaniel Criss - Co-Founder, Programming Supervisor
Nathaniel Criss joined Musix Web Design full time in 1998 having been partly associated with the company since its inception. Since his coming aboard, Musix has grown several times over. With Nathaniel's skills in programming and product design, Musix has become a truly self-sufficient company and are able to give their customers all the solutions current available over the internet. In addition to Musix, Mr. Criss is currently on staff as a Network Systems Manager with the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library System - Indianapolis, Indiana.

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