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Expressing Your Ideas To The World
Expressing Your Ideas To the World
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December 01, 2022 Services
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Eastern Howard School Corporation wanted a new web presence to replaced an older look and feel.  After closely listening to the needs of the school, Musix produced a modern website to meet their needs.  With the use of DHTML menus, PHP and MySQL, they were able to have some unique featuring bringing school and community closer together.
Indiana State School Music Association Indiana State School Music Association has launched a state-of-the-art web site which has drastically cut their operating costs. All of the organization's entry forms are now done online and are databased for easy retrieval and processing. They have also used a great deal of password protection and acrobat files.

Indiana Music Educators Association

Indiana Music Educators Association uses their web site in a great deal of ways. The have online registration for all of their events, credit card usage, and a cutting edge convention planning software package.  They also distribute forms and paperwork, as well as giving music educators easy access to advocacy and legislative contact information.

Music Theory On Line

Music Theory On Line is an interactive Online Course in Music Theory. D.R. Parman and Associates came to Musix wanting a simple web site, but we have joined forces to develop a cutting-edge distance learning course.  Now college-bound high school student around the world are able to better prepare themselves for future college music theory courses.  It has been proven to work!

1st Class Fundraisers asked Musix to create their web site in 2002. This website has a deceiving look in the fact that the small amount of information presented is done so in an elegant and expanding manner.  Their site features a DHTML menu system and PDF downloads of the product order forms.

Abbott Reeds asked Musix to create a simple but yet elegant "business card" web page.  Through the use of DHTML, Javascript, PHP, and custom images, Abbott Reeds got a whole lot of bang for an extremely affordable price.  Feel free to contact him about his experiences with Musix Web Design. 
Eastern Howard Performing Arts Society Eastern Howard Performing Arts Society asked Musix to create their web site in 2002. While they took their site in a different direction lately, the original design included a custom ticket ordering system that allowed them to accept Credit Cards ticket orders online. This site is a perfect example of how Musix can help any arts association.
(site shown in its original designed form)

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