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Expressing Your Ideas To The World
Expressing Your Ideas To the World
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Lisa Little, Realtor

Lisa Little, Realtor is great realtor in the Central Indiana area.  This website shows what a great web presence can be created on a limited budget.  Please be sure to video the home selling and buying tips area to see how some existing multimedia can be incorporated into a website.

Front and Center Motivational Seminars

Front and Center Motivational Seminars has just begun their venture into cyber-space. The website is still in its infancy, but the layout itself in very exciting. This site shows a great deal of what Musix can do for you visually.

Indiana General Music Educators Association

Indiana General Music Educators Association had their site developed by Musix in February 2000 after seeing the Indiana Music Educator Association site. This very basic site is an example of a classy and yet simple website.

BSU Bands

Ball State University Bands asked Musix to create their web site back in 1996. Since then the site has become a favorite among visitors to the university web page system. Its simple design makes the site easily navigated and easy to find the information you need.

BSU College of Fine Arts

Ball State University College of Fine Arts had their site developed by Musix in 1996. This very large site served a both information for outside visitors and a internal personnel. Some of the sites features include a voting booth, computer helpdesk, and a variety of multimedia presentations.

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