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Crazy Love
 November 8, 2003

8:00 PM

Crazy Love

'Crazy Love' hits home with humor
Oct. 25, 2002. The Courier-Journal

The show is set up to make members of the audience feel as if they are sitting in on a doctor/patient session in which Branyan, as the patient, reveals a number of humorous, yet dead-On, observations about relationships.

Because of a scheduling conflict, my boyfriend, Tom, couldn't attend the show with me last weekend, so as backup I invited a couple of attractive male friends. Trust me, if I were single, that never could have happened. It's feast or famine in the dating world.

Anyway, there I was, feeling smug for having two dates when all of the play's little male/female observations started to make me a little uncomfortable. I mean, how much was my laughter revealing to these guys?

For instance, if you laugh really hard during a skit about, say, buying the wrong gift, will the people around you automatically infer that it parallels your life somehow? (Sorry, Bobby and Jason, but I'm guessing I know you both a lot better now than you might expect.)  In fact, it was almost surreal hearing Branyan say things that I'm sure Torn would say about me. If my name were Lori, and we had several kids, and had been married for 16 years.

The amount of laughter in the intimate theater might make you think you've stepped into a comedy club, but Branyan is no stand-up comedian. He's more of a bounce-around, fall-to-the-floor and even sing-a-little-bit comedian. Plus, there's none of that forced, awkward audience performance interaction common in comedy clubs.

My two non-Torn dates enjoyed the performance as much as I did, though they admitted that they only agreed to go because I offered to buy them each beer afterward.

Guys, I've been calling "Crazy Love" a show, but it might be considered a play, or even a musical. I asked Branyan what I should call it and he replied:

"HAH! If you can figure out what to call it, let me know!

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